Commit 7ce7777f authored by auke.klazema's avatar auke.klazema
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renamed parameters

parent 4a2e6c82
......@@ -57,15 +57,15 @@ class PrologixGpibUsb(PortDevice):
if not self._rematch:
raise ValueError(port)
def _find_available_port(self, maxDeviceNum, port, portFormat, timeout, verbose):
while int( < maxDeviceNum:
def _find_available_port(self, max_device_num, port, port_format, timeout, verbose):
while int( < max_device_num:
if verbose:
print "trying ", port
self._serialPort = serial.Serial(port, timeout=timeout)
except serial.SerialException:
port = + (portFormat % (int( + 1))
port = + (port_format % (int( + 1))
self._rematch ="(/dev/tty.*[^0-9])([0-9]+$)", port)
if self._serialPort is None:
raise serial.SerialException("Cannot find port")
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