Commit ce9a2550 authored by Tammo Jan Dijkema's avatar Tammo Jan Dijkema
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Use the same PrologixGpibUsb device for all devices

parent 4f0c57f3
import hpib import hpib
from hpib import HpibDevice from hpib import HpibDevice
_port = hpib.PrologixGpibUsb()
class CamrasHpibDevice(HpibDevice): class CamrasHpibDevice(HpibDevice):
"""Wrapper around HPIB commands""" """Wrapper around HPIB commands"""
def __init__(self, address): def __init__(self, address):
self._port = hpib.PrologixGpibUsb() super(CamrasHpibDevice, self).__init__(address, _port)
super(CamrasHpibDevice, self).__init__(address, self._port)
self.__frequency = 0 self.__frequency = 0
@property @property
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