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    Fix forward-declarations of links to blocks that don't exist yet. · 0c5baa5e
    Daan Vreeken authored
    We do this by checking the final state of all links after loading the top-most
    controller file. The new code will allow an included file to create links to
    blocks that will only exist later on during the load process, and it will
    successfully error out when links are defined for non-existing block.
    Furthermore, controller_block_link() will now bail out immediately when it
    hits an unrecoverable linker error. With this change, the error mesaage of the
    linker step that failed will remain at the end of the output instead of being
    flushed off the screen by e.g. 100+ 'Linked x to y (chained)' lines.
    	modified:   controller/controller/controller_block.c
    	modified:   controller/controller/controller_load.c