Commit 37bd37d2 authored by Jeroen Vreeken's avatar Jeroen Vreeken
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Enable watchdog in the stoeber block.

It was already enabled in the ethercat code, but that changed.
parent 2336cac5
......@@ -668,7 +668,9 @@ static struct controller_block *block_stoeber_create(char *name, int argc, va_li
esc->pre_operational_hook = pre_operational_hook;
/* sm2 tx pdo (master->slave) @0x1600 */
esc->tx_pdo_watchdog = false;
//watchdog was always on.
//Check this works in Dwingeloo, then permanently remove...
// esc->tx_pdo_watchdog = false;
esc->tx_pdo = true;
esc->tx_pdo_sm = 2;
esc->sm[2].start = 0x1600;
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