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......@@ -3,7 +3,8 @@ DT controller software
The current implementation uses pthreads for threading.
It is assumed that 32bit load and stores are atomic.
controller Controller programs running on controller pc
......@@ -13,3 +14,25 @@ Directories:
programs. Build this before building controller or console.
libnova-0.13.0 Contains libnova with one additional function
Building the software
Both console and controller require the common utilities. So build these before console and controller. console also uses libnova.
Example for building the software:
cd $DT_CTRL/common/utils
cd $DT_CTRL/common/trace
cd $DT_CTRL/controller
cd $DT_CTRL/libnova-0.13.0
make # (No need to do make install, console directly takes the lib from this directory)
cd $DT_CTRL/console
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