Commit ae889b31 authored by Tammo Jan Dijkema's avatar Tammo Jan Dijkema
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Fix offsets in elevation

Offsets jumped in right elevation by 32 degrees. Manually cranked
elevation to 0, then right and left jumped by another 32 degrees. This
commit increased the offset by 4096 turns * 2pi radians per turn.
parent def38738
params {
{ "azimuth_position_offset", "value", (float)-1.4480417 }
{ "elevation_position_offset_r", "value", (float)40680.0833715 }
{ "elevation_position_offset_l", "value", (float)10783.776612094 }
{ "elevation_position_offset_r", "value", (float)-10791.770665 }
{ "elevation_position_offset_l", "value", (float)36519.7036303 }
# limit controller for elevation
{ "elevation_pid", "kp", (float)1 }
{ "elevation_pid", "ki", (float)0 }
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