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      o Make the amount of time that is logged for a plot adjustable with new · 6475d0a9
      Daan Vreeken authored
        command line option '--history [seconds]'. The default is still 60
      o Add a command line option '--interval [seconds]' to set the sample
        interval. The default sample interval without the options remains 0.2
        seconds as before.
      o Add '--host [IP address or hostname]' command line option to view traces
        on a remote machine.
      o Add '--port [remote port number]' command line option to specify the port
        number of the trace server to connect to.
      o Add usage() function to inform user of possible optins.
      o Keep track of the lowest and highest values in a plot and adjust the y
        range to be just over min and max so that all samples will fit within the
        plot, without the highest and lowest values dissapearing under the borders
        of the plot.
      	modified:   common/trace/trace_view.c
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