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This contains some scripts to add metadata to the camras pulsar format, i.e. the format that comes out of `pulsar_record`.
./ --help
usage: [-h] [-i INFILE] [-o OUTFILE] [-d DATE] [-s SOURCE]
Convert a camras pulsar file (output of pulsar_record) to filterbank format
optional arguments:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-i INFILE, --infile INFILE
Input CAMRAS pulsar file. If empty, create just the
-o OUTFILE, --outfile OUTFILE
Name of output file, e.g. 'B0329.fil' (default:
guessed from input filename)
-d DATE, --date DATE Start date/time of observation, in 'isot' format
(defaults to creation date of file, or now if no
infile given)
-s SOURCE, --source SOURCE
Name of the source, e.g. 'PSR B0329+54' (default:
guessed from input filename)
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