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#!/usr/bin/env python
from argparse import ArgumentParser
import subprocess
if __name__ == "__main__":
parser = ArgumentParser(description="This application streams data from a single channel of a USRP device to a file; it wraps a C++ program")
parser.add_argument("--args", help="multi uhd device address args", default="")
parser.add_argument("--file", help="name of the file to write binary samples to", default="usrp_samples.dat")
parser.add_argument("--type", help="sample type", choices=["double", "float", "short"], default="short")
parser.add_argument("--nsamps", help="total number of samples to receive", default=0)
parser.add_argument("--duration", help="total number of seconds to receive", default=0)
parser.add_argument("--spb", help="sample per buffer", default=10000)
parser.add_argument("--rate", help="rate of incoming samples", default=1e6)
parser.add_argument("--freq", help="RF center frequency in Hz", required=True, default=0.0)
parser.add_argument("--lo-offset", help="offset for frontent LO in Hz (optional)")
parser.add_argument("--gain", help="gain for the RF chain", required=True, default=40)
parser.add_argument("--ant", help="antena selection", default="TX/RX")
parser.add_argument("--subdev", help="subdevice specification", default="")
parser.add_argument("--channel", help="which channel to use", default=0)
parser.add_argument("--bw", help="analog frontend filter bandwidth in Hz", required=True)
parser.add_argument("--ref", help="reference source", choices=["internal", "external", "mimo"])
parser.add_argument("--wirefmt", help="wire format", choices=["sc8", "sc16", "s16"])
parser.add_argument("--setup", help="seconds of setup time", default=1.0)
parser.add_argument("--progress", help="periodically display short-term bandwidth", action="store_true")
parser.add_argument("--stats", help="show average bandwidth on exit", action="store_true")
parser.add_argument("--pps", help="use external pps signal", action="store_true")
parser.add_argument("--null", help="run without writing to file", action="store_true")
parser.add_argument("--continue", help="don't abort on a bad packet", action="store_true")
parser.add_argument("--ski-lo", help="skip checking LO lock status", action="store_true")
parser.add_argument("--int-n", help="tune USRP with integer-N tuning", action="store_true")
args = parser.parse_args()
args_dict = vars(args)
bool_args = [key for key, value in args_dict.items() if value == True and isinstance(value, bool)]
arg_list = []
for key, value in args_dict.items():
if isinstance(value, bool):
if value == True:
arg_list += ["--" + key]
elif value == "" or value is None:
arg_list += ["--" + key, str(value)]["usrp_to_file"] + arg_list)
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