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Clean up

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......@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@ signal = 0.
prev_signal = 0.
datafile = open(f"data{int(Time.now().unix)}.txt", "w")
print("Time (UTC),separation (deg),azimuth from north (deg), elevation (deg), signal", file=datafile)
print("Time (UTC),Tracker,Offset az (deg),Offset el(deg),azimuth from north (deg), elevation (deg), signal 70cm", file=datafile)
def signal_thread():
global signal
......@@ -75,19 +75,15 @@ while True:
prev_signal = signal
tracker = dt.tracker
print("Tracker is ", tracker)
now = Time.now()
print(now, dt.tracker, dt.az.to(u.deg).value, dt.el.to(u.deg).value, signal, flush=True, sep=',')
print(now, dt.tracker.split("/")[-1], dt.offset_az.to(u.deg).value, dt.offset_el.to(u.deg).value, dt.az.to(u.deg).value, dt.el.to(u.deg).value, signal, flush=True, sep=',', file=datafile)
if signal > maxsignal:
maxsignal = signal
scatter_data = scatterplot_70cm.get_offsets()
scatter_data = np.vstack((scatter_data, [mdates.date2num(now.datetime), signal]))
if prev_points is not None:
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