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    o Only add '-ldl' to LDFLAGS when compiling on non-FreeBSD platforms, as · 0eb62453
    Jeroen Vreeken authored
      dlopen() and friends are included in libc on FreeBSD.
    o Use './controller/block_list.sh' (with explicit "./") because '.' isn't on
      the $PATH by default on FreeBSD.
    o Disable joystick block for now on FreeBSD due to lack of use case and
      inspiration to port :)
    o Use a compatibility hack so we can use 'sed' with the same command line
    on Linux and FreeBSD.
    o Use '/usr/local/bin/flex' explicitly on FreeBSD since FreeBSD can have
      both BSD flex and GNU flex installed as 'flex', where the former has
      precendence on the normal $PATH.