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Describe how to use Docker for the consoledemo

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Docker for running a consoledemo
The file Docker container is built in two stages:
1. Setup a build environment, containing all essential build packages. It
clones the "dijkema" git tree and uses the default branch ("jeroen").
2. Setup the execution environment. The artefacts from the build environment
are copied in here, a non-root user is created, and the demo is started.
Creating a Docker image
To run the image locally on your pc, build the docker image named
docker build --tag consoledemo .
Then run it:
docker run -it -p 8000:8000 consoledemo
Uploading to the container registry
It's also possible to upload the container image to the container registry, so
that it can be used by others.
Instead of creating a tag "consoledemo", create a tag like
`<user>/dt_ctrl:<version>`, for example
`` With `docker login` you can login to the registry (please pay
attention to the warnings on storing your credentials), and then push the
image: `docker push<user>/dt_ctrl:<version>`.
Build the container from a gitlab ci-cd pipeline. So instead of executing the
git-pull in the docker file, prepare a container image to be used by the
gitlab ci-cd, and the gitlab runner will then populate the source tree in the
build environment. Ideally this pipeline will then create a tar file or .deb
Debian package for installing on the console and controller, and also a
docker image for a consoledemo.
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