Commit 46d39e2f authored by Paul Boven's avatar Paul Boven
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Commented out unused pins in main.ucf and moved to common

parent 28fd9de9
......@@ -24,8 +24,8 @@ FFT_stream.ngc: FFT_stream.xco
coregen -b FFT_stream.xco -p main.prj
# Ngdbuild
main.ngd: main.ngc main.ucf
ngdbuild -dd _nog -nt timestamp -p xc3sd1800a-fg676-4 -uc main.ucf main.ngc main.ngd
main.ngd: main.ngc common/main.ucf
ngdbuild -dd _nog -nt timestamp -p xc3sd1800a-fg676-4 -uc common/main.ucf main.ngc main.ngd
# Map
main.pcf: main.ngd
......@@ -36,8 +36,8 @@ main.ncd: main.pcf
par -w -ol std -t 1 main_map.ncd main.ncd main.pcf
# Timing Report
main.twr: main.ucf main.ncd
trce -v 3 -s 4 main.ncd -o main.twr main.pcf -ucf main.ucf
main.twr: common/main.ucf main.ncd
trce -v 3 -s 4 main.ncd -o main.twr main.pcf -ucf common/main.ucf
# Bitgen
main.bit: main.ut main.ncd
......@@ -76,16 +76,16 @@ NET "adc_a<6>" LOC = Y25;
NET "adc_a<7>" LOC = Y24;
NET "adc_a<8>" LOC = T17;
NET "adc_a<9>" LOC = T18;
NET "adc_b<0>" LOC = AA25;
NET "adc_b<1>" LOC = AA24;
NET "adc_b<2>" LOC = AA23;
NET "adc_b<3>" LOC = V21;
NET "adc_b<4>" LOC = U20;
NET "adc_b<5>" LOC = AB24;
NET "adc_b<6>" LOC = AB23;
NET "adc_b<7>" LOC = AB26;
NET "adc_b<8>" LOC = AC26;
NET "adc_b<9>" LOC = V24;
#NET "adc_b<0>" LOC = AA25;
#NET "adc_b<1>" LOC = AA24;
#NET "adc_b<2>" LOC = AA23;
#NET "adc_b<3>" LOC = V21;
#NET "adc_b<4>" LOC = U20;
#NET "adc_b<5>" LOC = AB24;
#NET "adc_b<6>" LOC = AB23;
#NET "adc_b<7>" LOC = AB26;
#NET "adc_b<8>" LOC = AC26;
#NET "adc_b<9>" LOC = V24;
NET "LCD_clk" LOC = "P26";
NET "LCD_clk" TNM_NET = "LCD_clk";
TIMESPEC "TS_lcd_clk" = PERIOD "LCD_clk" 26 MHz HIGH 50%; # 25.175
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