Commit c46f4ee3 authored by Paul Boven's avatar Paul Boven
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Adding bitgen configuration file main.ut

parent 60b06282
-g DebugBitstream:No
-g Binary:no
-g CRC:Enable
-g Reset_on_err:No
-g ConfigRate:6
-g ProgPin:PullUp
-g DonePin:PullUp
-g TckPin:PullUp
-g TdiPin:PullUp
-g TdoPin:PullUp
-g TmsPin:PullUp
-g UnusedPin:PullDown
-g StartUpClk:CClk
-g DONE_cycle:4
-g GTS_cycle:5
-g GWE_cycle:6
-g LCK_cycle:NoWait
-g Security:None
-g DonePipe:No
-g DriveDone:No
-g en_sw_gsr:No
-g en_porb:Yes
-g drive_awake:No
-g sw_clk:Startupclk
-g sw_gwe_cycle:5
-g sw_gts_cycle:4
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