Commit f008eb6e authored by Paul Boven's avatar Paul Boven
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Added clean target for Makefile

parent c46f4ee3
......@@ -5,8 +5,12 @@
all: main.twr main.bit
rm -rf main.bit main.twr FFT_stream.gise FFT_stream.ngc FFT_stream.xise FFT_stream_flist.txt FFT_stream_readme.txt FFT_stream_xmdf.tcl coregen.log main.bgn main.bld main.cgc main.cgp main.drc main.ncd main.ngc main.ngd main.ngr main.pad main.par main.pcf man.twx main.syr main.twr main.twx main.unroutes main.xpi .lso main.ptwx main_bitgen.xwbt main_map.mrp main_map.ncd main_map.ngm main_map.xrpt main_ngdbuild.xrpt main_pad.csv main_pad.txt main_par.xrpt main_summary.xml main_usage.xml main_xst.xrpt tmp/ _nog/ _xmsgs/ usage_statistics_webtalk.html webtalk.log xlnx_auto_0_xdb xst/
mkdir -p xst/projnav.tmp
main.ngc: main.xst main.prj main.vhd FFT_stream.ngc eth_tx.vhd PCK_CRC32_D4.vhd LCD_Driver.vhd LCD_Controller.vhd window.vhd main.lso xst/projnav.tmp
xst -ifn main.xst -ofn main.syr
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