Unverified Commit 0fd7860a authored by Tammo Jan Dijkema's avatar Tammo Jan Dijkema
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Avoid using dt.az because of model

parent 7e5e35b5
......@@ -139,20 +139,22 @@ while not stoprequest:
prev_signal = signal
dwl_altaz = AltAz(location=dwl, obstime=Time.now())
pos = dt.radec
az = dt.az
alt = dt.el
if pos is None or az is None:
print("No azimuth received!")
if pos is None:
print("No pointing information received!")
az = Angle(az + 180 * u.deg)
# Do not use dt.alt / dt.az because that does not use the DT model
pos_altaz = pos.transform_to(dwl_altaz)
az = Angle(pos_altaz.az)
alt = pos_altaz.alt
sources["Zon"] = get_sun(Time.now())
sources["Maan"] = get_moon(Time.now(), location=dwl)
color = 'black'
dwl_altaz = AltAz(location=dwl, obstime=Time.now())
separation = 180*u.deg
for sourcename in sources:
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